Koopman Testing&Reviewing Program

Who are eligible to be tester:

1. Anyone who placed order on Amazon or wrote a review in our store
2. Anyone who would like to try our products and will share their honest review with others.
Notice: Amazon USA only now!

If you choose to use PayPal fund method, please fill it here. Or just email us at support@koopman.io.
Please choose no more than 2 items at one time. Contact us via support@koopman.io if you want to try other product which is not new released.

Why We Need All These Details:

The reason we need all of these details, including your PayPal, is so that we can fund your purchase. As Koopman, it is our goal to become the #1 Amazon seller of these kinds of electronic accessories.

The reason we need your Paypal address is so that we can send you the cash and cover ABSOLUTELY 100% of your costs to make it completely free for you. That way, when you purchase our products on Amazon and leave your review, it will show up as a “verified purchase.”

The reason it is so important that we get that “verified purchase” badge is because in order to become the #1 Amazon seller for these kinds of electronic accessories, we need reviews. Unfortunately, Amazon does not see all the reviews left equally.

The “verified purchase” reviews are favored much, MUCH heavily by Amazon, when it is deciding what exactly to show you when you are searching for a particular product. 

That is why in order to make this review and testing program worthwhile for us, we need to fund your payment through PayPal. We use PayPal because it is the most secure method of transferring cash online for both the sender and the recipient, while also being convenient.