Quazi Review of the Koopman DEX station.

Original Source : www.banna.com
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Disclaimer: I received a review sample from Koopman.

First all here are the pictures when I first received the package and opened the box.

The hub features:

3 USB 3.1 ports

1 HDMI 2.0 port (supports up to 4K @ 60HZ)

1 USB-c charging port (claims it supports up to 100W) Cannot confirm

This may not be the companies fault at all and most likely was damaged during shipping however the packaging does not feel premium at all. The USB-C cable that came with the hub also fell out of its place.

However the less than ideal packaging is not that big of a deal because none the items are delicate enough to be damage by things shown in the picture. However it does take away from the presentation points.

Next is the USB-C cable that is included is pretty thick. The cable seems pretty durable and surprisingly flexible, however I wish it would be longer. With the tape measure I had the cable measured at about six inches (around 15 cm). They could improve the device by giving it a longer cable.

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